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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


True To You is set to arrive next month!

Image: Jess Gleeson

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Hein Cooper is capping off 2021 with his brand new track, Only. The release arrives alongside the announcement of the musicians full-length body of work, True To You, set to arrive next month.

An ode to being in love, Only explores the strength of a romantic bond and how love can be a driving force throughout all of twists and turns of life. Cooper's enchanting vocals soar above mesmerising guitar work and driving percussion, intertwined together within a captivating soundscape. The song is accompanied an official visual, stitching together moments shared between the musician and his wife.

“I can remember this one coming out as a very folky intimate vibe, and then we got into the studio, and it turned into something quite upbeat and rocky,” Cooper shares of the track. “It's about making a vow to stay with someone no matter what happens and making sacrifices to do so. Life is intense, and things change and get hard, and counting on someone through all of that is priceless and something significant to me.”

Recorded with producer Jarryd Shukerin Montreal, True To You is set to build upon the musicians exploration of indie pop/rock sonics, weaving in notes of indie-folk. The intimate release will explore the joys and multifaceted emotions of falling in love, whilst also offering introspective thoughts on commitment and the failures of past relationships.

"All of a sudden, I found myself in a position where I was like, 'Oh, I can't be weak anymore. Because now I'm living so close to someone who I love," Cooper shares. "I can't just ignore all of my flaws to keep up this idea in my mind of what I have to be. I think it’s crazy that life puts you in those positions where it gives you the things that you love. And then, all of a sudden, to flourish, you have to change. And this record is all about embodying that change.""So many songs out there these days are saying the same thing: 'I will never trust you/all I need is myself, money and distraction,'"Cooper continues. "I feel proud to be singing the opposite. I think that when people work on being good to each other, life becomes a beautiful dream."

True To You is out January 28. Watch the visual for Only below. Read our interview with Hein Cooper here.


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