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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The singer took to Instagram live to share a snippet of her new single, Easy On Me.

Image: Adele.

Adele took to Instagram for what she stated was her first live. Requesting fans send her questions to answer. The Hello singer attempted to work the instalive feature and did so by answering questions.

So here are the things we’ve learnt from Adele’s first live:

• She’s looking forward to Beyoncé’s next album

• She does know Harry [Styles], that he’s great, he’s lovely and that he’s a very, very sweet boy.

• She loves Taylor Swift and Doja Cat as well.

• That she loves Lana Del Rey.

• Like many of us there was one thing Adele, being new to insta live couldn’t figure out, how to merge a chat with someone on the live. Been there love.

• That she supports Free Britney, she loves Britney and that she’s met her a couple of times.

• Adele also introduced us to one of her dogs “bobbidy bob”.

• Two of her dogs have exactly the same hair colour as her and her son.

• She also said she loved Gaga.

• That she’s her own inspiration.

• That she does like Avril Lavigne, shouting out her first record Let Go, saying she listened to it all the time.

• Spoke about her experience presenting on SNL.

• That Drake’s album, Certified Lover Boy, is her favourite of the year.

• She has a mate called Pat.

• She wouldn’t be a judge on The Voice.

• Her favourite food is Thai food.

• She loves soda.

• She likes crisps.

• Her best date she’s ever been on was “Escape Rooms”.

• She recalled when a bat chased her.

• She drinks apple juice.

• Her favourite cereal is Frosties.

• She is excited for her new era saying “it’s been a very long time coming”.

• She loves NYC.

This was a live where some other big names joined us fans in commenting about how excited they were, including Alicia Keys, Troye Sivan, Ben Platt, Ke$ha, Rylan and Demi Lovato.

Earlier this week, the singer announced the release of her new single, Easy On Me, with a black and white visual, a piano melody is played throughout with glimpses of the singer loading a B-side cassette of the track, as she drives down an isolated road.

Whilst no official confirmation has been made surrounding the singers hotly-anticipated fourth studio album, mysterious 30 insignia popping up worldwide indicates the album will follow the fashion of Adele's previous albums and take its title from the year of her life in which the record was written.

Easy On Me is out October 15. Watch the announcement below.


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