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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Up Late is back, teaming up with Hearteyes on their new collaboration, FUCKYOU. The release is accompanied but the announcement of the musicians debut EP, STARS.

Conceptually, the track is a response to rules and routine and wanting to go against the grain. FUCK YOU marks the first “rock song” released by Up Late, the musical project of singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist Max Pasalic. The song allows both artists to bring their own signature flair, whilst working in unison to create your new favourite anthem. "Fuck You is our chance to literally say fuck it to the rules and parameters placed on artists and creators," Pasalic shares of the track. "When I originally wrote this it was just four guitar chords because I honestly suck at guitar. That’s the DIY hardcore attitude – 'who cares if I can’t play guitar? I can play four chords so fuck it that’s my song”.

FUCK YOU marks the first collaboration between the Wollongong artist, with Pasalic sharing they joined forces after Hearteyes slid into his DM’s. “Hearteyes dm'd me after hearing 'Friends' and we started re-connecting. I showed him 'Fuck You' and he saw the vision immediately and came into the studio the next day with a Chrome Hearts trucker and a tote bag full of beer and tracked his verse in 10 minutes. He’s got true chaotic energy, he’s the human embodiment of relentless creativity."

Up Late launched earlier this year by competing in Triple J’s DIY Supergroup competition. Not long after, Up Late shot up the Unearthed charts with their debut single Friends. Taking influence from emo, rock, pop, rap and heavy sonic sounds, Up Late navigates the terrain of fusing these differing sounds together. Through fusing Pasalic’s emo-punk and trap backgrounds together, Up Late is filling the gap within the Australian music industry where no other artist seems to be crossing these two genres.

FUCK YOU is out now! Listen to the track below. STARS is out December 18.


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