Image: Vasili Papathanasopoulos

Sydney shoe gaze band The Nagging Doubts have today released their new double a-side, Berlin / Marine. The tracks are set to appear on their upcoming EP, Autocalm.

The juxtaposing tracks continue the bands foray into a more mature soundscape, bringing light and shade to the tracks. Set to refined synths an an ambient vibe, Berlin is the sonically darker track, with frontman Joe Wilks sharing: "This new sound seemed to mimic some of the mindscapes I felt during the trip away; being in a foreign place for the first time without parents or any real anchor to remind you of a life with structure and routine. It was Berlin particularly that came to mind when I listened to the song because it was a city that seemed to run itself and didn’t feel the need to cater for tourists, it was unforgiving yet with a lot of integrity to it.”

Speaking of Maine, the five-piece said the track “represents shedding the physical and mental constraints of High School and all that comes with it and being thrust into a new reality that makes you feel like you're closer to the source of life. The song isn’t limited to the idea of leaving school, that state of mind is also applicable to forming or breaking relationships, going through a period of self-discovery, or any period where you feel like you’ve shaken up the snow globe that is your mind and are open to anything and full of energy to get out there.”

The band recently signed to Aussie label Scenic Drive. The new label was founded by award-winning producer Wayne Connolly (The Vines, You Am I, Cloud Control, Babe Rainbow). Since their signing, Connolly has been guiding the band as they begin to experiment with newer sounds.

After forming in high school, The Nagging Doubts releasing their first EP, Deug Lane, during their final year of schooling. Since then, the band has seen the addition of bassist Ruby King and lead guitarist Eden Neilson. With new collaborators, the bands growth is evident on A Shot In The Dark, exhibiting a more mature sound through their experimentation with effects and instrumentation. Their upcoming EP is set to continue their exploration into post-punk and shoe-gaze, with a particular focus on their enhanced songwriting abilities.

Berlin / Marine is out now! Listen to the release below.