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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Melbourne rock trio The Grogans have made their long awaited return with their sophomore record, Day / To / Day.

Creating an immersive sonic journey across twelve tracks, the band fuse together 60’s and 70’s surf rock sounds with contemporary slacker influences. With captivating melodies and rhythms and an overall summer energy laced throughout, the band bring a laidback quality to the record whilst also creating a curated, cohesive body of work.

“We wanted to build off of our last album and EPs, writing songs that we enjoy playing and listening to. It’s got a bit more of a 60s surf sound than our last releases; we just like that era - the style, the sound of the time, the cars. We also tried to have less limits, to show our wide variety and bigger picture of what The Grogans are, who we collectively are as people” the band shared.

Recorded at Grogans HQ and out in Ocean Grove, the record was recorded and mixed by vocalist and guitarist Quin Grunden and engineer Steve Corrao. Escaping from the inner city of Melbourne, the band sound an idyllic haven where their creative juices could flow. The relaxed setting, paired with skating breaks and hanging out in general, made for a calm and tranquil experience, with new ideas and sonic sessions flowing naturally. “[The recording process] same as what we usually do; a couple of months writing, then we take a week off and lock ourselves away to get the majority of the recording done, then polish it up with added tracks at Grogs HQ. This time was in Ocean Grove, which was really relaxing. We’d surf, skate and just hang out without too much structure to the recording.”

Since forming in their high school days, The Grogans have gone on to become one of Melbourne’s most exciting bands. Having dropped their debut album, Just What You Want, in 2019, the band have built up a reputation as an engaging live act, treating audiences to a stellar live show.

Day / To / Day is out now!


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