Image: Deb Jones

Fremantle-born artist Teischa has revealed her latest release, doubt. The song is the singers third release of 2020, following her previous single, be alone.

On the track, Teischa collaborates with producer UNO Stereo (Khalid, Kaiit, Denzel Curry) who together shift the singers sonic sound into and R&B soundscape. With warm and modern production, Teischa's elegant vocals are highlighted on top of the weighty hooks and forward-thinking production.

Written within a few hours, Teischa explains, “‘doubt’ came together super naturally. There was no overthinking - we just went with what felt right in the moment.” The singer originally intended to give the track away, however after growing an attachment to the song, she decided to release it herself. The song navigates the spaces where love, lust and desires blossom, but have yet to find home. “It’s about daring the other person to open up a little, about addressing the elephant in the room. I think no matter the type of relationship, we can all relate to that,” Teischa explains.

Teischa’s previous single be alone, became her most viewed music video, hitting over ten thousand views within one week. The music video comments on our increasing dependence on technology and the idea of modern love through technology. How we can feel connected whilst physically distant, an idea that speaks volumes with the world in isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The singer launched the release with a sold-out show at MOJO’s in her hometown of Fremantle.

doubt is out now! Listen to the song below.