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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The singer will launch the single with a live performance in WA.

Image: Supplied

Fremantle-born artist Teischa has dropped her new single, be alone. The track will feature on the singers new album, due out later this year.

The piano led track features stripped back acoustic guitars, lyrically navigating the feeling of knowing a relationship is reaching its breaking point, yet the singer is apprehensive of the isolation and loneliness that follows a breakup.

Teischa recorded a demo of the track a couple of years ago, but the song ended up on the cutting room floor. She returned to the track during a time where it suddenly felt important to the singer. “You know when you hear a song or read something that just perfectly explains where you’re at in life and it almost shocks you a little bit that someone else could be feeling the same shit you are? I kind of did that to myself with this song” she recalls, upon rediscovering the song. “I probably couldn’t have finished it back then because I needed to go through whatever life was going to throw at me”.

The track was produced by Stylaz Fuego, with the pair collaborating at The Base Studios in Melbourne. Fans from Western Australia can catch Teischa live Mojo’s in Fremantle on Saturday 29 August, where the singer will be launching be alone.

Check out the lyric video for be alone below!


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