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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the track below!

Image: Jazmyn Produces.

Toowoomba-based artist, TALLOU has shared her new single, marco polo. The singer made her debut earlier this year with i promise i love you.

The musical project of Tiana Dennis, the singer is establishing her indie-pop palette on each release, with marco polo capturing her dreamy approach to the genre. The songs atmospheric soundscape is led by a driving beat and hazy guitar work, floating beneath Dennis' mesmerising vocals. Her polished performance brings storytelling lyricism to life, exploring the loss of a relationship and finding a sense of self following its demise.

"marco polo was inspired by a close friend and his constant journey of losing and finding himself through different relationships. We were at the gym one day debriefing about the latest heartbreak and he literally said "I feel like I'm playing Marco Polo with myself". I thought it was great and immediately wrote it down in my notes app." the singer shares of the Jeremy Beamish (Jude York) and Ben Beamish (Sleepy Benjamin) co-written track.

marco polo is out now!


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