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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Shiny's Democracy is due out later this month

Image: Duncan Wright

Pond multi-instrumentalist Shiny Joe Ryan has shared another taste of his solo sophomore record, with the release of Pub Boat. After seven years since the release of his debut album, the musicians sophomore record, Shiny's Democracy, is due out later this month.

Bringing his distinctive sonic sound to the release, the track pairs 3/4 guitar melodies with 4/4 drums woven within a hazy soundscape that is the perfect soundtrack for cracking open a beer. The song came to be after the musician observed a flock of tourists floating down the canals of Amsterdam, conjuring the image of a floating pub.

The release is accompanied by an official visual, which sees the musician on a boat, riding waves made out of beer barrels alongside his band members. Speaking of the visual, the musician shares: “I had borrowed the family tinny with the hope of filming thIs video on the Swan River. The idea was to drop each member of the band in the river holding onto a keg barrel as floatation and film me pulling each of them from the water. However, it was winter and the idea of making my mates jump in the river didn’t seem like a good one. So instead, we adopted the techniques used by the ancient Egyptians to move the block for the pyramids. Using the keg barrels as rollers, the band were able to transport the boat with me in it down the road into the backyard where we all had a few beers”

Shiny's Democracy is a welcomed return from the musician, with Ryan taking on mixing duties alongside his Pond bandmates, Jay Watson and James Ireland. Creating his own unique genre-bending soundscapes that traverse country, pop and rock, the album is describes as a record for 'for anyone and everyone and a sign of a musician who wants to try everything once (or twice) with no plans of slowing down.' Written and recorded at Tunafish Studios with his band The Sky Dolphins in Western Australia, the album was mastered by fellow WA musical alumni, Kevin Parker.

To celebrate the release, Shiny Joe Ryan and The Sky Dolphins will take to the stage at Perth's The Bird on Friday 6 August, following a performance at Fremantle’s Hidden Treasures Festival this month.

Shiny's Democracy is out July 23! Watch the visual below and read our interview with the musician here.


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