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Watch the visual below!

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GRAMMY nominated, multi-platinum singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes has treated fans with brand new music, sharing his new single When You're Gone.

Written by Mendes alongside Jonah Shy and Scott Harris, with Mendes and Shy also taking up production duties, the song explores the demise of a relationship, whilst holding on to the beautiful moments of understanding and trust that was once present. Juxtaposing the songs intimate lyrical content with upbeat sonics, Mendes' vocals drive the track building to a massive sing-a-long chorus.

Speaking of the track during a Q&A with fans for the YouTube premiere, the musician shared: "I wrote this song a month after Camila and I broke up, and you know, I think it's cool because I feel like I've grown up with a lot of you guys. And you guys have been young when I was young, and now we're old [laughs]. But I think the interesting things about relationships is that... it feels like for me at least like you go through life feeling misunderstood by most people. And then you come across one person and that person really makes you feel understood kind of for the first time and you trust that person."

He continued, "I think what I'm trying to say is that it feels really scary when you, when you end a relationship with somebody who was your safety and who was your kind of protection from the world. And you know, it kind of all hits at once and you're like 'oh shit, I'm alone, like this sucks'... the beautiful thing is that that's the moment when you get to learn to kind of be there and be your own safety which is really important.

Teaming up once again with longtime collaborator and director Jay Martin (It’ll Be Okay, Mercy, Stitches), the songs visual was filmed across Toronto and Austin and offers insight into the creation of the song, from its initial inception to its very first live performance.

Mendes is set to return to the stage this June, embarking on Wonder: The World Tour. Whilst the musician has yet to announce an Australian leg of the tour, Mendes will visit

When You're Gone is out now!


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