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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Pretty Bleak are back with their riotous new single, Why Don't You Like Me?.

Fusing together influences of shoegaze with punk vocals, the track follows up the bands debut single, continuing their unique blend of genres. Speaking of the track, frontman Sam Thomas shares: "The song comes from a very personal place where during a relatively negative time in my life I was introspectively aware that most of my problems were self inflicted."

Why Don't You Like Me? is accompanied by a performance-based visual, capturing the bands energy. The video portrays an eye-catching scene as the band performs in unlikely scenery, contrasted by the bright and colourful lights that surround them.

Inspired by The Cure’s sound and Tim Burton’s visuals, PRETTY BLEAK is made up of Thomas, bassist Sanji Aneja, guitarist Kyle Charleston and drummer Brandon Gawith. Having played together since their highschool days, the band have gone through a number of names and sonic avenues since their formation, before finding their unique sound and visual aesthetic.

Having toured with the likes of TOWNS and Teenage Joans, PRETTY BLEAK’S debut EP is set to be released alongside a short film, directed by Tom Thomas. The short film will introduce viewers to a surreal world that the EP exists within. which was developed between vocalist Thomas’ home studio and various Melbourne-based producers studios.

Why Don't You Like Me is out now! Watch the visual below.


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