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Listen to the release below!

Image: Jade D’Amico.

West Melbourne’s PANIA has followed up her debut EP, burnt ur clothes & changed the addy, with a new double single, P PACK.

Continuing to solidify her place as one of the most formidable forces within Australia's R&B scene, the release offers a further glimpse into the multi-faceted artist. P STANDS 4 PLAYA is a soulful cut that harks back to early 2000's R&B with PANIA's melodic and mesmerising vocals as she explores the power-dynamic within an unbalanced relationship and her own self-assured nature. On the flip side, 2sides (freestyle) offers a more vulnerable take as she recalls on her childhood and the imbalance of social status.

“This two-song project shows a more RnB feels side of me, a softer approach sonically and lyrically. Overall, I wanted to share another part of me which is deep, soulful and more of a classic sound inspired by 80’s soul like Sade and Prince. P STANDS 4 PLAYA is about trying to balance relationships that may be one-sided or imbalanced. It’s kinda saying, I gave you the warning signs and you didn’t listen, so here we are. I feel like a lot of relationships begin like that and end up developing, even if it’s not wanted." Pania shares.

2sides (freestyle) is one of the most vulnerable songs I’ve ever written, and it reflects on the culture/lifestyle shock I faced whilst growing up and befriending certain people who have not grown up the same way I did, or experienced a childhood like mine. The best way to reflect on the emotions around it for me was through writing this song.”

PANIA is set to take to the stage tonight in Melbourne, supporting Grammy-nominated artist Kehlani for her Australian tour. Both artists will then head to Brisbane for Souled Out Fest, which will feature sets from Destin Conrad, Larissa Lambert, Will Singe and more!

P PACK is out now!


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