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The musician is set to release his debut album this year

Image: Tom Ward.

Sydney-based singer-songwriter and rising alt-pop artist, Nick Ward has announced his signing with EMI Music Australia. Having released two EP's independently, 2021's Everything I Wish I Told You and 2022's BRAND NEW YOU, the announcement arrives alongside the news the musician will be releasing his debut album later this year.

Having been named a Triple J Unearthed High finalist in 2019, Ward has been cultivating a devoted fan base across the nation with his intimate and expressive releases. He has toured with the likes of BENEE, Tora and JOY, and embarked on his own headline tour last which earned him the title of Ticketmaster's 2023 Breakthrough Artist. Not only just a talented musician, Ward is passionate about filmmaking, directing all his own visuals. His work explores masculinity and identity, and in 2017 he took home a win at Tropfest Junior with his short film, Boys Don’t Cry.

“Yes, I signed a record deal," Ward shared in a statement. "This project has been independent since day one; made possible by a café job, grants, publishing advances, a licensing deal and production/mix work. It's also been made possible by my manager, and my incredible friends, who've helped me on every shoot, every concert, and every release. I am one small piece of a loving community that makes up Nick Ward.

When I started to write this new project, I slowly realised that the scope and ambition required the investment of a much larger partner. When we started meeting with labels, I realised that I would still be able to maintain creative control of the music, and would be able to realise ideas that would not have been possible before.

Mark [Holland] is someone I really admire, for his work with other artists, his humanity and kindness, and for his impeccable taste. He gets it. We both want to make something that lasts, in an industry where art currently feels so fleeting.

The DIY mentality is such a huge part of this project, and we don't want that to change at all. It's still just my friends and I, working out of our bedrooms. The music and art will always come first and never be compromised - we want to build a long career, not a viral moment.

This new music is easily the best thing we've ever made and it's in very safe hands.

A huge thank you to everyone who has ever come to a show, shared a song, bought a shirt or mentioned the project to a friend. This is quite literally all because of you.

My debut album will be released by EMI this year.”

Speaking of the signing, EMI Music Australia Managing Director, Mark Holland, said, "Nick Ward is already what I consider a true music-lifer, putting his all into every project he works on as an artist, writer, and producer. He's got an amazing vision and scope for the whole process, and I was totally enamoured by the 'Everything I Wish I Told You' and 'Brand New You' projects. His forthcoming music is absolute genius, and we're humbled to be working with him and excited to show off his talents globally."

Ward is also a part of the Sydney musical collective Full Circle, that brings together young creatives, including fellow artists FRIDAY*,SOLLYY, Dylan Atlantis, Breakfast Road and Zion Garcia, that together collaborate and push the boundaries of the pop music experience.


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