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The legendary Sir Paul McCartney has returned with his eighteenth studio album, McCartney III. The 11-track body of work serves as the third part of the musicians eponymous solo albums, McCartney (1970) and McCartney II (1980). Bringing back the shimmering sounds laced throughout his 1970 debut solo record, the record features the music legend performing each instrument on the recordings, recording the record in early 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Psych-rock band The Hints have shared their debut single, Cosmic June, after teasing the release of music throughout 2020. Bringing together the talents of south coast musicians Harry O’Brien (Pacific Avenue) Sam Allen, Blake Lauricella (Left Side Filter), Wade Miller-Duncan (Left Side Filter) and Brooke Carter, Cosmic June is a psych rock ballad that builds to a crescendo with frontman O’Brien’s mesmerising and captivating vocals wrapping itself around you in a warm embrace as he sings of needing to part ways, however not wanting to. At it’s peak, the track features haunting harmonies and stellar guitars taking over the song. Making one of the strongest debuts of the year, The Hints are sure to become one of the south coasts hottest emerging bands.


Congrats, the musical project of Slowly Slowly frontman Ben Stewart, has dropped his new single, Berserk, continuing his exploration synthesised and electronic sounds. More paired back than his previous release, Berzerk floats above modern production, incorporating muted trap beats, with a classic quality is full of passion and sincerity, providing a more candid lyrical note on the song. Stewart shares: “The song is about listening to your gut”.


Aussie indie-pop musician Tim Ayre is back with your new favourite cover of The Mamas and the Papas classic, California Dreamin’. His unique interpretation captures the musicians signature nostalgic sounds, reworking the song with haunting synths and infectious drums, whilst Ayre’s mesmerising vocals capture your attention from his first note to his last. The luxurious luxurious dreamy soundscape brings the nostalgic sounds into a contemporary environment, resulting in a textured and colourful rendition. The track comes complete with a retro inspired visual, directed by Ollie Birt, depicting the multi-instrumentalist showcasing his skills within a red landscape.


Threading together their distinct fusion of alt-R&B sounds, south coast duo Sadly Season have dropped their debit EP, Driving, Thinking of You. Their lo-fi soundscapes paired with frontman Gabriel DeBurgh vocals sometimes create the illusion that The 1975 have forayed into the world of cyber tinged R&B, complete with 80s pop and synth-wave references. The new-nostalgic element of the release conceptually navigates themes of love, loss, heartbreak and captures and speaks to simple yet impactful ideas that listeners can relate to.


Last month, Polish Club dropped their summer anthem Just Talking, which saw them perform a string of sold-out shows at Sydney’s Factory Theatre. Now, the duo have shared the Northeast Party House remix of the track. The band enlisted NPH for a synth laden reimagining of the track, having toured together back in 2016. “Where the original leads you on a chill summer drive, the remix thrusts you onto the dancefloor at 3am later that night,” says vocalist and guitarist David Novak of the remix. On their first release of 2020, the guitar-led track is a carefree summer vibe, breezing in just at the right time. The feel good track is all about sitting back and relaxing.


Our favourite four-piece from Newcastle are back with a brand new tune! Loons are delivering the tongue-in-cheek vibes on their new track, Cheap Sk8, which comments on being underpaid, juxtaposed by the age old idea that money can’t buy you happiness. Debuting the track last month whilst supporting The Terry’s at their debut headline show in Sydney, the song builds up to a massive sing-a-long bridge, something that is sure to become a staple in their live show.


Nilufer Yanya has shared her brand new EP Feeling Lucky?, marking the singers first release since her critically acclaimed 2019 debut album Miss Universe. The release is conceptually centered around ideas of unpredictability and change, with Yanya sharing: “One of the songs had the theme of luck in it as a concept but then I realised they all do. That got me thinking about luck in general; good and bad. Things out of our control and things in control of us, how often we put acts and happenings down to the fortune of good luck or bad luck when things exceed our expectations or don’t go according to plan.”


The musical project of Kate ‘Babyshakes’ Dillon, Full Flower Moon Band have shares another taste of their upcoming EP Death Or Hell, with the release of New Rocket. Speaking of the track, Dillon shares: explains, “one of my favourite lines in the song is ‘I’m feeling like a power socket’, it’s about

having your power sucked away. This scene in the video clip is an expression of how it feels when you are burning out, desperately fighting to go on.” The fiery song is accompanied by a short-film formatted visual.


Bristols Superlove have unveiled their raucous new track, NOT ME! NOT YOU!. Released in celebration of Rude Records 20th Anniversary, the release follows their recently released self-titled EP. The track is representative of the energy the band have been eager to release all year long after having to cancel their 2020 plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If the release, the band share: "It’s a song about people not having a clue what’s going on in the world. It’s a step away from our last few singles from our recent EP & it just felt right to throw it out into the world and watch the reaction seeing as though we can’t go and play some live shows off the back of the EP’s release. We recorded it in the first week of the UK’s 2nd lockdown and it’s been the quickest turnaround for a release yet, we are so excited of the prospect of hopefully playing it live one day to a proper rowdy room."


16-year-old, California-born and based artist, rapper and songwriter PAYDAY’s new mixtape, It’s Just Music, features 11 indisputably refreshing, in-your-face tunes written and performed by the teenager along with brand new song titled Beam (produced by Sarcastic Sounds, 18YOMAN, Nick "Unkown Nick" Audino). Earlier this week, the musician shared the official music video, created and directed by the artist herself, for her recent track Tech Deck.


Another Sky are back with the the second track from their upcoming EP Music For Winter Vol. 1. Speaking of the new song, Sun Seeker, vocalist and lyricist Catrin Vincent shares: “Lyrically, Sun Seeker is about being the only one who can say who you are. It’s also about letting things self-destruct and then rebuilding. Someone once said they’d tell me when to quit music. This is me saying, I say who I am and I say when I’m done.” Their upcoming EP follows the band’s much acclaimed 2020 debut album I Slept On The Floor.


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