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The shark is back with one of her best tracks yet! Amy Shark has teamed up with drumming legend Travis Barker on her new track, C’MON. The piano-led track is an emotional and raw track comes complete with an anthem chorus that will have you shouting along like you’re at a Shark live show. The song expertly showcases Shark’s vocal abilities, exhibiting the light and shade she possesses vocally. The vulnerable and personal track is a call for help, to get over one last hurdle. After releasing her incredible track Everybody Rise earlier this year, Amy Shark is delivering hit after hit. Bring on her sophomore album!


Ariana Grande dropped the lead single off her sixth studio album, positions! Using the title track as the first taste of the record, positions is another pop-R&B effort filled with catchy hooks and melodies, and a strong vocal performance. The was produced by London On Da Track and Grande's longtime collaborators, Mr Franks and Tommy Brown. Alongside the release, Grande shared the tracks official music video, which sees the pop superstar as the US president. The video comes just says before the next US election, with Grande taking subtle jabs at the current President of the United States. Grande's sixth studio album is due out next Friday!


The Grogans return with their second release of the year, fiery punk, surf-rock and indie sounds together on their new track, Got A Girl. A favourite from the band, the song is about being carefree, enjoying the moment and the upsides of being in a relationship. Driven by catchy hooks and melodies, Got A Girl is a teaser into the new sounds and dynamics The Grogans are brining to the table on their sophomore record. “We wanted to build off of our last album and EPs, writing songs that we enjoy playing and listening to. It’s got a bit more of a 60s surf sound than our last releases; we just like that era - the style, the sound of the time, the cars. We also tried to have less limits, to show our wide variety and bigger picture of what The Grogans are, who we collectively are as people.” the band shared.


Peking Duk’s Reuben Styles has gone it solo, unveiling his new musical project Y.O.G.A. Having worked on the project throughout the year, the EP YOU’RE ONLY GREAT ALWAYS, aims to create a space for comfort, with Styles hoping the uplifting energy of the release will provide support for those going through hard times. Taking to social media, the musician shared: “If it does something or does nothing, if people like it or don’t like it, I don’t mind. The chance to share it, although nerve wracking and rib cage shrinking makes me even happier.’ The release is sonically different to what Styles and his Peking Duk collaborator Adam Hyde create, revealing a new side of Styles’ musicianship to his listeners.


5 Seconds of Summer drummer Ashton Irwin has ventured out on his own, releasing his debut solo-record, Superbloom. The record explores a variety of topic close to the musician, with the threads of healing, recovery and strength intricately weaved throughout the tracks. Created during lockdown, the record takes influences from some of Irwin’s favourite artists from the 70’s through to the 90’s. Infusing shoe gaze sounds with folk influences within an alternative rock soundscape, Irwin creates his own musical space away from 5 Seconds of Summer.


our little angel is the latest EP release from American singer-songwriter, ROLE MODEL. The musical project of Tucker Pillsbury, ROLE MODEL authentically weaves darker lyricism within a more upbeat, pop and hip-hop infused soundscape. “This EP sort of stemmed from the day I wrote and recorded alive. That song felt like a middle finger to everything I have been through, sort of like a rebirth. After recording that song I wanted to keep that feeling throughout, and there is this underlying tone of confidence in myself and embracing flaws. I’ve accepted that this world is fucked, I’ve accepted that my brain doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, I’ve accepted that I’m not perfect. So, in a way, nothing has changed, I’ve just learned to accept the imperfections, and I can only hope it will help others do the same.” Pillsbury shared.


Australia’s Queen of Pop is taking us back to Studio 54 with her new track, I Love It. The uplifting track is set to a groovy disco soundscape and will appear on Kylie’s fifteenth studio album, Disco. The modern interpretation of disco is set to be explored more on the new album, which is due out later this year and will feature the hit-single, Say Something. Minogue will perform an exclusive ticketed livestream show, Kylie: Infinite Disco, on November 7th to celebrate the release of the album.


Tiny Little Houses have made their powerful return with their new single, Richard Cory. With two and a half years since releasing new music, the emotional track was inspired by the classic poem of the same title. Laced with surging guitars and tear-jerking lyricism, lead singer Caleb Karvountzis’s distinct vocals are on full display, feeling like a welcomed return. Of the track, Karvountzis says: “Richard Cory is a reimagining of a far better poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson. The first time I read it as a teenager I was completely stunned and knew one day I would try to work a song around its theme. While modernising some of the setting and language, I've tried my best to do the original poem justice, with its status themes still being relevant today.”


After delivering their career-defining, critically acclaimed album earlier this year, KINGSWOOD have treated fans with a new side of their record Juvenile, releasing a re-imaged version of the 12 track album. Taking the music of the record and creating a more intimate and nuanced soundscape, the band have recreated the tracks with inflections of Americana-flecked, blues charm. The companion piece, titled Reveries, came together across four days spent hunkered down at North Melbourne’s Newmarket Studios. When speaking of the project, the band shared: “This music is a collection of songs that were born from certain and specific emotional reflection, rumination and ponder. On Juveniles, once complete with the writing phase, it took on the form of a rich and dedicated rock and roll album; nuanced and thoroughly investigated, but didn’t originate as such. Reveries highlights those moments of inception and is an entirely alternate universe. More intimate and perhaps with more personal insight due to what is really being highlighted.”


18 year old singer/songwriter/producer Sycco has dropped a punchy new remix of of her track Dribble, featuring New York's RIZ LA VIE. The remix accentuates the out-of-time quality of the original, with new notes of hip hop to her wistful, vibrant combination of indie rock, psychedelia, and neo-soul. RIZ LA VIE’s gravelly blues vocals become perfect counterpoint to the track’s tight instrumental interplay and climactic guitar solo. Of the collaboration, Sycco shared: "Having Riz on to feature with Dribble was so sick, he has the most amazing voice and he honestly made Dribble sound so cool. The adlibs he did absolutely blew me away, I feel super honoured to be able to share this song with him!!"


South coast rock band Left Side Filter have shared the final single from their upcoming debut record, Halloween Night, before its release next week. The closing track from the record takes its inspiration from The Doors and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, with a heavier and more mesmerising soundscape than the previous releases from the record. Due out just in time for spooky season, the Halloween themed record as a whole takes its cue from classic horror films and television programs, musically influenced by Black Sabbath, Radiohead and Silverchair.


Letters In Concrete is the latest release from Melbourne based artist & producer Memphis LK. The euphoric-pop song comes complete with powerful lyricism, dreamy synths and danceable lo-fi breaks. The song was mixed by UK engineer Dave Emery (Madonna, Bjork, Sam Smith) and with additional production from Running Touch. Memphis shares “I had the idea for this song one night during iso in Melbourne when I was walking in the rain. It's about being separated from someone you love, which is something a lot of people are experiencing right now because of the pandemic. I feel like during iso I’ve come so far with my songwriting and production — I’ve been listening to more music and rediscovering pop and RnB influences from when I was younger — and this song feels like a massive level up for me.”


Canberra-based hip hop artist Citizen Kay has shared a new track, Don’t Blink, which follows up his critically praised single Funny Business. The song opens with with the swelling sounds of police sirens, accompanied by alluring bass riffs before the musician comes in full blazing, showcasing his deft dynamic range. The crescendos into a powerful example of hip-hip accentuating the themes lyrically represented on the track. “It’s basically about complacency.” the musician shares. “There can be a very fine line between being understanding or patient and being complacent. There’s a time for silence and observation and a time for action and blunt conversation. Both are necessary. This is me exploring my potential complacency and questioning my next moves, questioning my motives and questioning my actions.”


Eliza & The Delusionals make their return with their dreamy new single, Sentimental. The first taste of music since the release of their EP A State of Living In An Objective Reality earlier this year, the indie rock track infuses sounds of early 90’s and 2000’s rock. “We’re super proud of this song, it’s one of our favourites to date. Kurt started playing some chords in a tuning he made on the tour bus. We knew we were going in for a writing session, so after coming up with a few ideas around the chords, we brought it into the studio with Sarah and John, and they really helped bring it to life. After having a few months of listening to the demo over and over, myself and Kurt added a bridge and the other parts before taking it into the studio with Ruby and Tex to record it.” Eliza Klatt shared.


Miami singer-songwriter Nia Ray has shared her new EP, What’s Love Anyways. Reflecting on her own experiences with love, the six track release navigates the struggles of a relationship.


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