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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The trio's forthcoming sophomore record, Wounds of Love, is set to arrive this November!

Image: Kevin Condon.

Brooklyn trio Nation Of Language have shared another taste of their forthcoming sophomore A Way Forward, with their new track Wounds of Love. Arriving alongside a DIY lyric visual, the track navigates the lingering emotions of a heavy breakup, and the lack of direction in its demise.

Speaking of the track, frontman Ian Richard Devaney shares: "Wounds of Love' is a song about getting caught in a mental feedback loop when a relationship ends. It's an endless inner argument - wanting to move on defiantly, but feeling utterly lost about how to do it when the other person has informed so much about how you see yourself. For every bit of progress there's just as much retreating, and eventually it seems like this back-and-forth becomes the new root of your identity - still tied to the same person, just without them actually being there.”

He further adds, “During its creation, the song was really born out of the main riff - I was experimenting with synth sounds and delay pedals, trying to find something that felt kind of like Man Machine era Kraftwerk, and this simple melody just flowed out. At first the urge was to go very robotic with it, but a laid-back groove fell into place and gave everything a really warm, spacey, stoned feeling, which felt like it amplified the emotional haze that the song deals with.”

A Way Forward is the follow up to bands acclaimed debut album, Introduction, Presence, which arrived as the COVID-19 pandemic brought a halt to the world. Produced by Abe Seiferth (who worked on Introduction, Presence) and Nick Milhiser of Holy Ghost, the record is set to take sonic inspiration from the 70's, and push the bands lengths of experimentation. The trio are set to return to the stage next month with performances at Leeds Festival and Reading Festival, before embarking on a European tour next year.

A Way Forward is out November 5. Watch the visual for Wounds of Love below.


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