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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Nasty Cherry are back with their new EP, Nasty Cherry: The Movie. The release continues their fusion or pop-rock, with the four-piece writing the collection of songs during the pandemic, produced by Yves Rothman.

Written entirely by the band, the band teamed up with their founder, pop powerhouse Charli XCX, on Her Body and What's The Deal. The EP tackles themes of relationships and friendships, with the band honing in on their sound and songwriting prowess across the five tracks.

Speaking of the concept behind the release, the band share: "We wanted to make a 'Stray Cat Rock: Delinquent Girl Boss' / Russ Meyer style full length feature film to come out with the EP. We got so hyped with Yves about it and we genuinely started planning it and got two weeks into finding crew and writing it. Unfortunately, we are visionaries who turned it into a 5 million dollar action caper idea and sadly no one else thought it was that good. We didn't change the EP name, because it's got huge energy and we really hope you'll listen to it and imagine each song as a different act in a film".

Made up of guitarist Chloe Chaidez, vocalist Gabbriette Bechtel, drummer Debbie Knox-Hewson and bassist Georgia Somary, Nasty Cherry's origin story is a wild one. The four piece were chosen for the musical project by Charli XCX, with each band member moving in together to get Nasty Cherry off the ground, with a Netflix camera crew in tow to capture ever moment.

Nasty Cherry: The Movie is out now!


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