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Singer-songwriter Mason Watts returns with his new emotion stirring single, Enough’s Enough.

Vulnerable and honest, the track centres around two partners fighting and finding the strength to walk away from somebody who is causing you pain. Watts comes face to face with the pain, pulling on listeners heartstrings with his delicate and emotional vocal performance floating above a piano led soundscape. Building to a crescendo, the chorus brings in pop production with acoustic sounds, reminiscent of songs from fellow Aussie musician Dean Lewis. Produced and co-written by Robby De Sa (5SOS, Gretta Ray, The Veronicas), there are vocal similarities between Watts and superstar Harry Styles, Particularly evident in the songs verses.

Speaking of the track, Watts shared: “When I first started writing “Enough’s Enough" I was overwhelmed with emotions; I found myself conflicted in deciding the fate of a failing relationship. The song brings out that internal battle of loving someone who you're constantly fighting with and who is treating you poorly, whilst also identifying the pain involved with leaving a person who, despite everything you still love.”

Enough’s Enough follows up the musicians previous singles, Sanctuary and Recovery. With just two releases to his name, Watts has amassed over 400,000 streams and been added to commercial radio stations. Signing to City Pop Records, Watts has been hard away working on new music and building on his songwriting abilities, honing in on his craft.

Enough’s Enough is out now! Listen to the track below.

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