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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the track below!

Image: Michael Tartaglia.

Perth rapper Marksman Lloyd is back with a brand new tune just in time for summer... if you can find it. Teaming up with Perth based singer Adrian Dzvuke, We Can't Find The Summer is the latest in a string of superb tracks from both artists.

Built upon breezy beats and spatial guitar, the track conceptually explores the realisation a relationship is heading for it's demise. Offering up moments of introspection and reflection , Lloyd delivers a nonchalant performance that will have you hanging off every word, whilst Dzvuke's soothing vocals bring the songs' ear worm hook and melodies to life. The track juxtaposes lighter and upbeat sonics with more intimate and sombre lyricism, giving you all the feels whilst you groove along to infectious beats.

"The idea behind We Can’t Find The Summer is that most of us have been in relationships that we just knew weren’t right for us. If you’re a loving person you give and give, you try to cultivate something beautiful but alas it’s doomed from the get go and deep down you know it. Having that topic play out over a beat that sounds like summer on the beach, was an interesting irony I think. I love how songs like Hey Ya by Outkast, are lyrically heartbreaking but you wouldn’t know unless you took the time to dissect it."

To celebrate the release, the duo will launch the single with an exclusive performance at the Rosemount Hotel this Friday. The co-headline show will unite each artists captivating live set, with support slots from Anesu, Cleverest and Drea. Proceeds from the performance will go directly to EmpowerAid, a training organisation that provide vulnerable women with hair and beauty training.

We Can't Find The Summer is out now!


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