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Listen to the track below!

Image: Eglington Studio.

Emerging singer-songwriter LEX has shared her brand new track, Mood Swing.

Continuing her exploration of dark-pop sonics, the track touches on personal aspects of the singers own life, in particular her own experiences with anxiety woven within atmospheric sonics. Vulnerable lyricism captures the fluctuating state of an anxiety attack, as the singers mesmerising vocals swell throughout the track, with floating falsetto building into a booming chorus.

“All my songs are written from personal experience. Mood Swing’was inspired by a month-long brain-fog episode I had. Oddly enough, the day we wrote it was the day my brain-fog ended and it was such a relief. I’ve never experienced anything like it before, but I just think my anxiety became too much for my brain and it just decided to shut off from the world for a little while.”, the singer shares. “I’m very excited for this one to be out in the world. I feel like I am establishing who LEX is more and more with each release, so I can’t wait to see what 2022 brings for me.”

Having been raised on the East Coast of Australia, the musician began singing lessons at a younger age, before finding music and songwriting as a tool to escape into a world where she felt comfortable to share her innermost thoughts. Already racking up a phenomenal list of collaborators, LEX has worked alongside Xavier Dunn (GRAACE, Jack River, CXLOE), Mike Daley (Lady Gaga), Cyrus Villaneuva and Kota Banks, making her debut earlier this year with C’est la Vie.

Mood Swing is out now! Read our interview with LEX here.


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