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L E X's new single C’est la Vie is out now! We chat to the musician about the release and more.

Image: Eglington Studio.

Emerging singer/songwriter L E X is making her grand debut to the pop scene, with the release of her debut single C’est la Vie. The dark pop track is an exploration of brooding pop sounds, with its powerful chorus serving as a link to the artists Serbian background.

Working on the track with fellow Aussie musician Cyrus Villaneuva and Charley, C’est la Vie is infused with personal reflections and broader notions of the emotional turmoil that comes with growing up and finding one’s place in the world. The moody and brooding dark pop soundscape creates the perfect atmosphere for the singers deeply personal, heartfelt lyrics.

Having been raised on the East Coast of Australia, the musician began singing lessons at a younger age, before finding music and songwriting as a tool to escape into a world where she felt comfortable to share her innermost thoughts. Already racking up a phenomenal list of collaborators, L E X has worked alongside Xavier Dunn (GRAACE, Jack River, CXLOE), Mike Daley (Lady Gaga), Cyrus Villaneuva and Kota Banks.

C’est la Vie is out now! Read our full interview with L E X below!

Tell us a bit how you started your musical journey…

I have sung since I was a little girl, I think my parents couldn’t shut me up when music was playing. But growing up I started doing singing lessons for fun because I loved it, then as I got a little older I really found music to be my escape, where I could write songs about all the things I could never say. Now I’m ready to share my story with the world.

Congratulations on your new release, we’re loving the new single, what inspired the conceptual standpoint of C’est la Vie?

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! I remember coming into the session with two of my friends, Cyrus and Charley, and wanting to write about this idea of me being made by a tainted mould. I was stuck in such a low place and no one around me even knew. I said to them, “it’s like I’m addicted to my sadness because it’s easier to just bury it down and put on a happy face, so no one knows”. And even talking about this stuff with them, I was doing the same thing; smiling and laughing, while feeling like I wanted to cry inside. I got so used to only showing everyone my “mask” because I grew up forced to suppress my emotions. C’EST LA VIE is about the fragile vulnerability in me, masked by the strong demeanour I show to the world because that’s all I’ve ever known.

What was the creative process behind the development of this single?

We did it all in a few hours. I like to just have notes written down about what I want to write about or key lines/ideas and then flesh it out when in the session with my friends. I love bouncing ideas off each other, because someone says one thing and then it triggers another thought from someone else. So we did exactly that, I came into the session with ideas and the 3 of us wrote C’EST LA VIE.

This is your debut single, what is something you hope listeners take from your contribution to the music world?

Strength in vulnerability; that’s the message. A lot of people feel like they have to suppress their emotions, but I think there’s nothing more powerful than being OK with who you are. Growing up I felt so alone because I couldn’t express my feelings with anyone, so I just want people to feel heard in my music.

How did you arrive at the sonic soundscape of the track? And is this an indication of the direction your music will take?

Through experimentation and what I’d call the constant evolution of the sound overtime. Dark moody sounds will always be my cornerstone in music, but that’s not to say that I won’t venture outside of that space. It’s all really dependent on my mood and where I am mentally, that drives where we end up with sound.

Australia has a diverse and vibrant music scene, who are some of your favourite Aussie acts and why?

I actually think Aussie artists are underrated. There are so many incredibly talented people in Australia, but some of my favourites are CXLOE, Graace, and RoyBoy. CXLOE and I went to music school together back in the day so I have so much respect for her, watching her evolve as an artist, but also I think she has really done something new in the Aussie music scene. Graace is just an incredible songwriter; the stories and emotions in her songs are just on another level - she’s who I listen to when I’m really getting in my sad feels. And RoyBoy just have the sickest beats, that make you have the stank face the whole time you’re listening.

What has been the most challenging part about creating music during the COVID-19 pandemic? Or did it allow you the time and space to immerse yourself within this musical project?

It has honestly been the hardest time for me because I’m based on the Gold Coast and I write all my songs in Sydney with producers there, so during COVID I haven’t been able to write with anyone. The borders are finally open again so I’ll be going back and forth to Sydney more than ever to make up for the time lost!

Many start the year off with resolutions, we prefer aims, so what are 5 aims you have for the coming year?

  1. Release another single after my debut single

  2. And another

  3. Do a show with my own songs (this would be so cool!)

  4. “Dare to suck” - as Julia Michaels says. This year I really want to let go of the self-doubt, take chances in everything and say all my ideas out loud.

  5. Write more songs than I did last year

Are you working on any new music? Will there be an upcoming full-length body of work?

Now that the borders have opened back up to Sydney, I’ll be working on so much new music, I can’t wait! There definitely will be an EP from me in the future, but not in the immediate future. I can’t wait to keep telling my story.

The current pandemic has obviously put a halt to touring and performing live, what are your touring plans post pandemic? And what can people expect from one of your live shows?

My touring plans include literally just going on tour, it’s that simple and it’s something I’ve never done, so just making that happen. In terms of what people can expect, they’ll have to just wait and come to my show when it happens, but a show that’s very honest and raw.


Biggest influences?

Billie Eilish & Julia Michaels

Dream collaboration?

I would love to write something SO dark with Billie Eilish!! I definitely draw inspiration from her for my own songwriting so collaborating with her would be insane. Something with PHAT bass!

Album that has had the most impact on you?

‘When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?’ - Billie Eilish

How do you define your musical style in 3 words?

Dark Indie Pop

A musical release you’re most looking forward to in 2021?

I don’t actually know what new music is coming out this year, so I’m just gonna say my own release haha! This has been a long time coming and I’m so excited to get my first song out there!

If you could create the soundtrack for any film, which one would it be?

James Bond! All of the songs made for James Bond are always bangers!

Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus?

That’s a tough one cause I like the alter-ego for performing, but I might have to go with Miley Cyrus, just cause she’s more chill and real.

Album you would listen to on repeat on a road trip?

It depends on what mood I’m in and who I’m with, so I’ll have to choose a few! ‘Inner Monologue Part 1’, ‘Beyonce’, ‘When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?’, ‘Watch the throne’ & ‘Everything is Love’.

Best concert you have been to?

Hands down best concert goes to Beyonce!! Everything she does is just on another level.

Last concert you went to?

I think this has been the longest time I’ve gone without going to a concert, but the last one I went to was COACHELLA!! This was in that’s a long time. I had Coachella 2019 booked but had to cut my trip short due to health issues.

If you were a Spice Girl, what would your spice nickname be?

I think maybe Moody Spice.

If you could support any artist on tour, who would it be?

My ultimate dream would be Beyonce, but I feel like my music would be good to support the queen, Billie Eilish!

An artist you think has had the most influence on the music industry.

I wouldn’t say the most influence on the music industry, but someone who has had a big influence on the music industry in terms of the music I want to create, is Billie Eilish. She has made it a little more normalised to write songs about dark thoughts and made it mainstream.

What advice would your current self, give your future self, for a year from now?

Keep going no matter what! I’ve had so many hurdles come up along the way that has probably made it harder for me than some, but the most important thing is to get stronger and never give up!

The moment you knew you wanted to be a musician?

I honestly can’t even remember the moment because I feel like I’ve wanted this for so long! This is only just the beginning for me.


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