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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the song below!

Image: Supplied.

Australian pop-punk act Kate Be Late has shared their new single, My Biggest Regret. Produced by King Theta, the track marks the first taste of music from the artist.

Bringing back the pop-punk sensibilities made famous in the early 2000's, the track is built upon driving percussion and frenetic guitar lines woven together beneath the artists polished vocals. The song explores longing for someone who doesn't share your feelings, and realising it's time to move on and leave them behind. The relatable lyricism present on the track brings to life the songs nostalgia fuelled melodies, providing all that emo teenage angst.

“This has to be the shortest debut single ever! But I hope anyone who hears it can feel how much fun I had making it“ the singer shares. “I grew up obsessed with Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, All Time Low so I definitely wanted to create something that felt nostalgic and authentic “

Taking influence from pop-punk luminaries Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and Machine Gun Kelly, Kate Be Late is carving their own path within the Australian scene, with My Biggest Regret serving as the tip of the iceberg. The artist is working towards the release of a debut EP, set to arrive in the not too distant future.

My Biggest Regret is out now!


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