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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The four-piece have also announced their signing to Cooking Vinyl Australia

Image: Vasili Papathanasopoulos

Dynamic Sydney-based post-punk rockers Johnny Hunter have made their grand return with their menacing new single, The Floor. The release serves as the first drop from the band under their new label home, Cooking Vinyl Australia.

Teaming up with engineer Adam Greenspan, the dark and mesmerising track continues the bands exploration of darker sonics, laced with riotous guitars, penetrative percussion and their signature 70's avant-garde flair. Frontman Nick Hutt's hypnotic vocals ring through the track, conceptually exploring hitting your lowest point as fiery punk energy pulses throughout.

Speaking of the release, Hutt shares: "The floor is the lowest point. The realisation that the person you’ve become is not the person you wanted to be. When after a lifetime of casting the blame outward, the only place left to look is inward. It’s the accusation of the self and the confession to the self. The acceptance of responsibility. The rude awakening. The brute in the mirror. But above all it’s a release. It’s the clarity to know yourself well enough to see that the only way now is up."

The release arrives alongside a dramatic visual, directed by Dakota Fisher. Fusing together gothic and horror motifs, a running theme of romanticism is woven throughout the moody visual, bringing the track to life. “I wanted to showcase the romantic and theatrical nature of JohnnyHunter’s live performance. With -The Floor - a horror ballet seemed appropriate.” says Fisher.

“This video is Johnny Hunter in its entirety. The horror ballet. A testament to the understanding and love our friends who filmed the clip have towards the band. Truly a talented bunch and we are eternally grateful for their love and devotion.” adds the band

The Floor is out now! Watch the visual below.


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