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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Cult Co Studio

Husband and wife duo Jess & Matt have unveiled the stunning visual for their latest single, Aftermath. The track sees the duo return to their stripped back roots, bringing their trademark harmonies and vivid lyricism to the track.

Directed by award winning filmmaker Remy Brand, the visual was filmed across three days between Sydney and Mungo National Park. Showcasing Australia's beautiful and vibrant landscapes, we follow the duo as they make their way through the natural landscapes, making their way back to each other.

The collective vision for this film clip saw the three of us embarking on a one rather ambitious road trip." Jess & Matt say of the filming process. "Spanning across remote outback NSW, we developed a heightened sense of connection to our own backyard, the forests, the desolate country roads and the rich history of these lands. We’ve been long time fans of Remy’s incredible landscape photography and film work, so to have the opportunity to collaborate with him on his very first music video was very surreal.”

Speaking of creating the visual, Brand shares: “Working with Jess & Matt was an absolute pleasure. It was such a breath of fresh air to work with such like minded creatives who are equally as passionate as you. I would constantly pitch all sorts of wild ideas and they would be immediately on board, whether that be swimming in a lake at dusk in Kosciusko National Park or sprinting down a burning hot highway in the middle of the outback. We just had an insane level of chemistry and I really believe this translated into the final product.”

The track is set to appear on the duos forthcoming studio album, Wildflowers. Teaming up with songwriting legends including Steve Solomon (James Arthur, Dean Lewis), Dave Hodges (Keith Urban, Dan + Shay), PJ Harding (Noah Cyrus, Ruel) and Louis Schoorl (Astrid S, Charlotte Lawrence), the record tells the tale of acceptance and growth through times of darkness, played out across ten tracks.

Aftermath is out now! Watch the visual below.


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