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Listen to the track below!

Image: Supplied.

Melbourne-based artist, Jerome Farah has delivered his delivered his charismatic nre single, Can't Drive Stick.

Having worked with the likes of Baker Boy, Dallas Woods, KYE, Dean Brady and Kian, Farah is reintroducing the world to his musical project with the release of Can't Drive Stick. The songs enigmatic soundscape effortlessly weaves together sonic notes of underground hip-hop and funk, with Farah's commanding performance ebbing between bombastic flow and post-punk-leaning phrasing. Driven by a pulsating bass line and spitfire lyricism, its clear why Farah has built an illustrious career as a producer and songwriter -but now he's stepping into the spotlight as an artist in his own right.

“My writing sessions are very lonely. I’m doing everything by myself. When I write stuff like this, I’m genuinely running around the room so hyped! This was a newer one. I have a few songs like this, where there’s no thought behind it. Some of the lyrics that are in there, I’m like, “Let me leave this in here until I write something better.” I just left it in there, it’s kinda sick that it’s stupid. There’s some stuff I’m saying in there that I don’t believe at all! My ex now, she could drive stick and there was my dream car, a BMW E30, I ended up buying one, but it was manual. So I couldn’t drive it! She ended up driving it, I’d be a passenger princess on the way home. I couldn’t drive it, but every night I would drive around the suburbs just destroying the transmission of this car. I just couldn’t help but drive it.” 

Can't Drive Stick is out now!


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