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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied

British rock band IDLES have dropped their new single, Model Village. The track is set to appear on the bands upcoming album Ultra Mono, due out this September.

The track conceptually explores living in a small-town and the mentality that comes along with it. Frontman Joe Talbot said of the songs meaning, “I hated growing up in a city that was really a town that was really a fishbowl. I left as soon as I could, only to realise the fishbowl didn't exist...just the fish, and they're everywhere.” The track leans into hip-hop sounds, influenced by the bands love of the genre.

The songs release is accompanied by an animated music video directed by Michel Gondry and Olivier Gondry. Created within weeks, the music video consists of hand-drawn bits of paper shaped into characters, buildings and objects arranged on a light box and filmed on an iPhone by Michel. The footage was then sent to Oliver, who brought the collages to like through CGI.

“Michel’s work is handmade and it's human and that's something that our society pushes against: you need to be perfect. You need to look perfect and everything needs to be seamless and strong. Talbot said of the music video. “But actually, vulnerability and naivety are strengths. To be vulnerable and to be naive is to have empathy. And so, to empathise with your adversaries and allow yourself to be naked on film or on record is a really strong thing to do. It liberates you and it also liberates your audience. That's something that I hope that IDLES can do, and that Gondry's been doing for years.”

To celebrate the impending release of their third studio album, the band will host a series of live performances from Abbey Road. The three performances, taking place over August 29th and 30th, will be recorded and live streamed. Each show will have a completely unique setlist fans can view when purchasing their tickets from the bands official website.

Ultra Mono is out September 25. Watch the music video for Model Village below!


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