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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to Fly With Me below!

Image: Jordan Munns.

Sydney musician and songwriter Purple Drapes has dropped his simmering new single, Fly With Me.

Produced by Oscar Sharah (Mel Blue, Lola Scott, Abby Bella May), Fly With Me is built upon lo-fi beats and glistening guitar melodies whilst the musicians soulful and mesmerising vocals float above. Bringing 90's nostalgia to the sonic palette of the track, the song explores returning to someone time and time again and taking comfort in reaching new heights together.

Speaking of the track, the musician shares: "I’ve been pretty deathly afraid of flying the most part of my adulthood - petrified from the sensation of having nothing beneath my feet. But in the last few years I've dealt with my fears and have come to find a somber appreciation for floating through the sky. So that’s where the song began, something warbly and warm, felt like flying. Fly With Me evolved from a simple piano line that kept catching my interest. I spliced in some guitar, and with help from Sydney producer, Oscar Sharah, the whole thing took some shape. I’m still trying to focus on a lot of the sounds from my childhood - trying to steer towards the 90s influence that we all love to hate. Let’s all sit back and take this ascend into nostalgia, come fly with me."

The musical project of Jared Higgs, Purple Drapes was born early last year during the global lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Intricately weaving together sonic threads of bedroom-pop, 90s RnB and hip-hop, the project marries catchy characteristics of pop music with rhythms and melodies of eras past.

Fly With Me is out now!


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