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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Palaces is set to arrive this May!

Image: Julian Buchan.

Grammy-winning artist Flume has offered up a new taste of his highly-anticipated third studio album, Palaces, with the release of Sirens.

Enlisting breakout U.S. star Caroline Polachek on the track, the song was co-written and produced by Danny L Harle. Built atop glitching and maximalist sonics, Polachek's etheral vocals lure you in, keeping you mesmerised as we're taken deeper into the songs compelling soundscape.

“Caroline and I had known each other for years, but she'd just moved to L.A. and we bumped into each other living down the street. We started playing weekly games of Magic The Gathering with A.G. Cook and a few friends. We started doing a session, and Danny L Harle showed me a voice note from Caroline with some very early stages of vocals. I loved it and went back in on it during the pandemic.” Flume shares of the collaboration.

“Working with Flume on Say Nothing has been a really incredible experience,” MAY-A adds. “I'm such a big fan of Harley’s so it’s unbelievable to be in a position to create music with someone I look up to and can learn so much from. His creative process is a really inspiring thing to be a part of. I’m so excited for everyone to hear the song!”

Flume began working Palaces upon his return to Australia due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where he relocated to a coastal town in New South Wales which provided the space to reconnect with his surrounding nature. His new setting and connection with the natural world is embedded within the body of work, is set to "highlight the luxury and magic of the natural world". The producer has also enlisted a bevy of global talent on the album, teaming up with MAY-A, British musician Damon Albarn, Spain’s Virgen Maria, France’s Oklou and fellow Australian Kučka.

Palaces is out May 20. Listen to Sirens below.


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