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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Nick Fancher

Iconic American rock band Evanescence have made their return with their first studio album in a decade, The Bitter Truth. Written and recorded mostly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the reflective album touches on personal themes present within the bands own personal lives, whilst also exploring wider social issues.

Bringing their signature heavy sound to the collection of songs, there is an underlying thread of hope and empowerment threaded throughout the collection of songs, with a resounding message that perseverance through dark times is better than giving up. The Bitter Truth documents a number of personal tragedies faced by band members, including the unexpected passing of frontwoman Amy Lee’s brother and the sudden loss of a child by bassist Tim McCord.

The record also explores collective tragedies and emotions experienced worldwide over the past twelve months, with a significant focus on racial and gender inequality, the pandemic, grief and economic upheaval. Bringing honestly and depth to each track, these themes are brought to life atop captivating soundscapes with Lee's powerful and commanding vocals mesmerising listeners.

Speaking of the record, Lee shares: "I want people to come away from this album feeling hope and empowerment and strength. Something that inspires me a lot in life is people who have overcome great obstacles - survivors. I hope we can pass on the idea that even when things are impossibly painful life is worth living. Leaning into those darkest, most challenging moments, facing them and finding we’re not alone in them, makes us real. Makes us strong enough to take them on. And it brings us together, if we let it, in a deeper appreciation of the light... and the truth. Thanks for the memories. Now let’s go make some new ones."

Alongside the release comes a new documentary, Evanescence: Embracing The Bitter Truth, directed by Adam Jones. The film documents the quarantine-creation of the record, from the cancellation of the final date on their 2019 tour, to the creation of the record. Offering candid and personal moments, the film ushers in a new era for the band.

The Bitter Truth is out now!


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