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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The announcement arrives alongside the first taste of the project, Jenny

Image: Supplied.

Rising singer, songwriter and producer EBEN has treated fans with the announcement of his new body of work, Dandelions. The five-track release will be accompanied by a short film, with the first track from the project out now.

On Jenny, EBEN's vocals float above bold horns and handclap led beats, whilst the singer flows between rap-styles vocals and catchy melodies. Conceptually, the track is inspired by 1994 film Forest Gump, with the musician navigating a relationship that ends in infidelity. Dandelions is set to tell the tale of heartbreak, taking viewers on a sonic and visual journey through the psychological effects of the demise of a relationship.

“I was thinking, ‘Damn, Jenny put Forrest through it, and nobody really talks about that’,” the musician shares of the track. “So, I decided to make a song. It’s about the moment of breaking up. You realize you’re always going to be hooked to this individual. You know it’s bad—but you keep going back. It’s not healthy. However, it’s the perfect intro to the Dandelions story, and it’s got a nice summertime vibe.”

The release is accompanied by an official visual, serving as the first part of the projects short film. Directed by Evan Hara, we follow EBEN as her returns home, arriving to the scene of his partner in the arms of another man. The film was was filmed across three weeks along the West Coast from Portland throughout California, taking on a guerrilla-style format.

Dandelions is out August 12. Watch the visual for Jenny below.


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