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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Matthew Stott

Melbourne musician Dannika has shared another glimpse into the musicians forthcoming debut album Gems, out January 29. The record follows four years on from Dannika’s first EP For Peaches, moving away from the endearing looseness of For Peaches, replacing it with thick grooves that grip tightly.

Directions is a buoyant, punchy slice of garage pop is about having a crush, with the singer sharing: “It’s about when you start seeing someone and you’re trying to read each other. 'Does this person like me?' The chorus refers to a time when I was driving someone home and they were giving me wrong directions. Later I learned it was because they wanted to spend more time in the car with me.”

Beyond music, Dannika Horvat is an award-winning writer, director and filmmaker based in Naarm / Melbourne. Through intimate performance driven work, Dannika is drawn to telling stories that focus on young women and deals with themes of sexuality and moral ambiguity. Her 2014 short film The Summer of ABC Burns was awarded Best Director and Best Screenplay at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival and Sydney’s WOW Film Festival respectively.

Gems is out now!


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