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Listen to the track below!

Image: Tim Ashton.

Australian singer-songwriter Charley is back with her new single, Worst Taste In Girls. The track is set to appear on the singers forthcoming EP, which she's been teasing across social media platforms.

Co-written, recorded and produced with Anthony Egizii and David Musumeci of DNA (The Veronicas, Jessica Mauboy), the poptastic track finds the singer tracing the lines of past heartbreak and has come to the conclusion many of us do in our twenties: we have the worst taste in romantic partners. Booming production pumps beneath Charley's sweet yet powerful vocals, that are sometimes reminiscent of American singer Bebe Rexha, that bring honest and relatable lyricism to life.

“This song came from a place of heart break and needing an outlet to release all my anger that life has thrown at me. But in writing this song it made me realise that I just need to embrace the heartache, be in love and go for what I want because at the end of the day we're gonna die so may as well make life interesting while it lasts!”

The release arrives alongside an official visual, directed by Sean Higgins and Adrian Spuria of Shotography, where we find Charley engaging in a speed dating night. What starts off as fun takes a violent turn, with the clip parodying 80’s American slasher films such as Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday The 13th.

Worst Taste In Girls is out now!


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