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Image: Supplied.

Melbourne based hip-hop artist Billy Reeves has today shared his latest track, Murder. The song is the rappers ninth and final release of 2020.

The song takes on the perspective of egotistical artists within the music industry, inspired by the musicians own experiences with such people. “This song was inspired by a personal experience I had in the music industry working with those who put themselves on a pedestal and are ego filled. The song finds me putting myself in the same mental state and going off like never before.” Reeves shared.

After a busy 2020, the New Zealand born rapper is gearing up to release his fourth studio album in 2021. His third record, Papa Green, was released in the second half of 2019 and featured the breakout singles Stash (feat. Jordan Lindsay) and Buried (feat. Daniel Elia). The versatile rapper has previously released three studio albums and three EP’s, and previously performed under the name Whit3 Boy.

Murder is out now!

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