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Listen to the track below!

Image: Supplied.

Sydney-based artist Avé Pes recently released his new single, California. The musician is currently working towards the release of his debut EP, set to arrive later this year.

Serving as the latest in a string of singles from the musician, the breezy track will take you back to sun-drenched days full of chance encounters and brimming with new love. Produced by Max and Scott Sheppard, the soulful release effortlessly weaves together subtle threads of funk and jazz into a dynamic soundscape, flowing beneath Pes' smooth and captivating vocals.

"California always had a personality, it was clear very early on that the song was a feel good summer tune. Maybe I needed an escape from lockdown. We just loved the vibe of the track and tried to keep that feeling going throughout the entire process. I’m really happy with how it ended up..." the musician shares of the track

Having performed in a number of bands as a youth in Adelaide, the musician began his solo venture upon his move to Sydney, seeking a new way of creating. Pes builds his harmonic sound by starting off a simple beat, slowly building vocal and instrumental layers that together form the dynamic and rhythmic-driven soundscapes that flow beneath his story telling lyricism.

California is out now!


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