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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied

Singer-songwriter and producer Andy Bull has made his long awaited return to music, releasing his first new music since 2014. It’s All Connected follows up the singers acclaimed sophomore album, Sea Of Approval, for which he scored three ARIA Award nominations and three spots in triple j’s Hottest 100.

Bull’s latest release is a nostalgic, synth-drenched summer bop, made complete with a shimmering vocal performance. Recorded on a four track cassette recorder, the hopeful track navigates the feelings of longing and reckoning with yourself as you try to change your life. “This song is about trying to take responsibility for yourself by seeing how you are connected to the world, and reconciling with the past in order to make sure that it doesn’t dictate the future,” Bull shares of the release. “It’s about the difficult but hopeful possibility of positive change, which can only occur when we lay down our histories at the feet of love. This song is dedicated to anybody who is trying to change… same here.”

The release is accompanied by a visual, animated by Bull himself. The lyric video is a collection vignettes curated together to create a sequence that played like a life story. Set in a portrait mode, Bull shared: “It’s made to be seen on your phone, since that’s where we all are,” the singer explained. “It’s full of little easter eggs and details that I hope you find. It’s meant to look how I think the music sounds.”

It’s All Connected is out now! Watch the lyric video below.


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