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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Tristan Stefan Edouard

Last month, Australian born singer-songwriter Andrew Lambrou made long-awaited debut, with the release of his single, Throne. Today, the Greek-Cypriot singer has unveiled the visual for the track, directed by Josh Harris (Peach PRC, Gang Of Youths, Kira Puru, Mia Rodriguez).

Filmed in Melbourne, the cinematic visual embodies the track, sharing the message of staying true to yourself and breaking free from those who hold you back or place their preconceived ideas upon you. In the clip, we see Lambrou break out of a facility in the first part of a thrilling narrative.

“The music video for Throne symbolises breaking free and being your true self. The message of the song was intended to inspire people that anything can be achieved in life with a strong mindset and confidence in your ability. I hope people interpret this video in their own way that can relate to themselves, and know that no one is ever sheltered by the words or actions of others, but only by the comfort of their own mind.”

Produced by Dave Hammer (Genesis Owusu, Lime Cordiale, Mia Rodriguez, JEFFE), the dark-pop track places Lambrou's powerful and mesmerising vocals centre stage, soaring above electro-pop sounds that when paired together form an enthralling release.

After winning his first singing conception at the age of five, Lambrou launched his YouTube channel in his teens, uploading covers and original tracks whilst building up his ever-growing fan base. With 1.5 million followers across Tik Tok, Instagram and Youtube, Lambrou soon caught the attention of SONY ATV at the age of seventeen. Since then, he's been working away on crafting his own unique sound, recently signing to Michael Chugg and Andrew Stone's new label City Pop Records.

Throne is out now! Watch the visual below.


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