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The Hollywood EP is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Brisbane duo McDermott & North have shared their new collection of songs, The Hollywood EP. To celebrate the release, the duo have shared with MILKY five things they can't live without on tour.

Having toured with Australian singer-songwriter and producer Ben Lee, the duo became the first act to sign to Weirder Together Records, helmed by Lee and his partner, Ione Skye. Through this creative collaboration, McDermott & North have produced a body of work that captures their essence as a musical act and captures the human existence.

"Working with Ben was an exhilarating experience filled with excitement and anticipation. From our Melbourne studio, we sent him the stems of our guitar and vocal tracks, which he transformed into fully produced songs from his Hollywood studio. When we received the final tracks, I was instantly captivated by the remarkable production. Each song possesses its own unique personality, and we couldn't be prouder of them." Rhys North shares.

Paddy McDermott adds, "Collaborating with Ben Lee was an absolute joy. Despite the distance between us, our musical connection was seamless. We recorded the guitar and vocals in Melbourne and entrusted Ben to add the other instrumental layers with his expertise and musical brilliance. Working with someone I've admired for years was a dream come true, and his creative input elevated the project to new heights."


Chewing gum is an absolute on tour. When we’re on stage, it's a great tool because it it keeps my mouth moving and you don’t need as many drink breaks. It’s a MUST-have.


Spare strings are a lifeline. We’ve learned the hard way that they always seem to break at the worst possible time. I vividly remember a night when two B strings broke on different guitars, and we didn't have backup sets for either of them. Since then, we’ve made it a priority to have spare strings available to replace any broken ones and ensure we can finish the set.


Bringing our mates along on tour is the best. While we’re lucky enough have a great relationship our bandmates, having extra friends around who aren't about to get on stage with you really breaks up the whole tour. It makes it feel more like a party than work, and when everyone's happy, everyone plays well.


The guitarlele has become an irreplaceable companion on tour. This small guitar is as it sounds, a delightful blend of a guitar and ukulele. Perfect for car trips, green room jam sessions, or those post-show moments. It's a must-have for us because lugging around a full-sized guitar after a show never goes well for the guitar.


Busking equipment is as essential as it gets for us. At the end of the day, we're buskers at heart, and we've spent so much time performing on the streets. Busking not only helps us earn income but allows us to sell merch and connect with new fans in a genuine way. Bringing busking equipment on tour means that we can continue to embrace our roots, maintain that intimate connection with street performing and expand our fanbase.

The Hollywood EP is out now!


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