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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Featuring a cover of Madonna's Like A Virgin

Image: Tom Pallant.

British rockstar, Yungblud has made his inaugural Spotify Singles debut. The musician has treated fans with a stripped back version of his latest single mars, and a cover of Madonna's classic-hit, Like A Virgin.

Recorded at Los Angeles' legendary Sound City Studios, the singers selected tracks showcase his diversity as a musician, stripping back mars into an intimate and soulful moment, with the singers emotive vocals accompanied purely by piano. The track is juxtaposed by his synth-led, funky version of Like A Virgin, bringing the energy to get your mid-week party started.

When asked about the Spotify Singles experience, Yungblud says: “Recording at Sound City just blew my mind. I'm still picking my brains up off the pavement to be honest. To record in that studio you need to bring everything you have or you don’t get past the car park. The two songs I chose were Like a Virgin by Madonna and mars by myself. I decided to strip mars back, just me and the piano. It's something that this song deserves, to exist in its purest form so the emotion can just radiate. I have owed my fan base a version like this for a long time. I hope they love it! When we were choosing a song to cover, I wanted it to be completely out of the box yet make absolute sense all at the same time. Madonna is a massive idol of mine, I admire every move she artistically made. I wanted to take the classic, add some YUNGBLUD energy and shake it the f**k up! This is a song I heard growing up, my mum and my sisters used to play it all the time so that added real pressure to get it right!”

Last week, the musician made his long-awaited return to the stage, after the COVID-19 pandemic foiled his touring plans. Yungblud hosted a free two hour show at the iconic Whiskey A-Go-Go in Los Angeles, with fans flocking to the venue to experience his enigmatic live show. Yungblud is set to tour Australia later this year, with headline shows scheduled in Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne this November to December.

Listen to Yungblud's Spotify Singles below!


Adelaide, Friday 26 Nov '21

Sydney, Sunday 28 Nov '21

Brisbane, Wednesday 1 Dec '21

Melbourne, Friday 3 Dec '21


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