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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Eddie Whelan

London-based musician and producer Yore has joined forces with Australian artist Milan Monk on his new track, Open Lights. The musical project of Callum Brown, Yore is set to release his debut album this December.

The shimmering track pairs Monk’s serene vocals with acoustic guitar and piano, creating a harmonious push and pull between the vocals and production. The release is accompanied by a lush music video, set in nature to capture the autumnal feel of the song. Continuing the visual aesthetic of the albums previous releases, the Yore continued his collaboration with visual artist Andrew Rayner, with the footage captured through analogue equipment.

After working together in a cafe, York and Monk began to write the song together: “I used to work in a cafe with Milan & was captivated when I heard his music. I knew I really wanted to collaborate with him & luckily he was into the idea too!” Yore shared. “We spent an evening re-writing a demo I had & bouncing ideas off each other. We then developed our parts & pieced everything together in the studio with Syd. We added an 808, some acoustic guitar & a Wurlitzer for good measure and the song sprung to life.”

Of the collaboration, Monk added: “I remember we made the track from a loop of a demo Callum had made for another song. We sat in his room in Hackney Wick and just worked through the chord progression together moving and changing chords as one of us heard a harmonic change. The melody slowly emerged from the same session. I went home and recorded the melody with some lyrics and mumbles. I worked on the lyrics some more and tracked the vocals with the new words. The lyrics strike me thematically as somewhat being about renewal, but were written stream of consciousness and so exact meaning is subjective.“

With his debut record just around the corner, Yore has released a handful of tracks, including Bon Mot with Katie Drew, and Hawing featuring Dream Wife’s Rakel Mjöll. The record is set to be a celebration of indie collaboration and came to life over several months in Hackney's Wilton Way Studios. Co-produce and recorded by Ulrika Spacek's Syd Kemp, the genre bending 10 track album will range from shoegaze ascending synths to ethereal dream like tracks. Yore is out December 4.

Open Lights is out now! Watch the music video below.


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