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Watch our interview with WizTheMC below!

South African-born, Germany-raised, and Toronto-based singer, songwriter and producer WizTheMC has unveiled three new tracks that complete the deluxe edition of his latest EP, Where Silence Feels Good, including a collaboration with New Zealand’s platinum sensation BENEE.

“Where Silence Feels Good Deluxe is about a very important phase in my life,” says WizTheMc. “I was leaving home, attempting to find silence and peace in a chaotic lifestyle. I felt like there was more to the story on Where Silence Feels Good, so I worked on three more songs that fill those unexpressed parts.”

"Walk Away is about the yearning of closure after a sudden breakup and not believing that the other person had hope in the first place. ‘Fallin’ is about the feeling of hope after a phase of not believing in love anymore, and Fck Love is about wanting to feel fully accepted in a relationship, with all of one’s flaws and weaknesses.”

Across the original collection of songs, Wiz examines and dissects his own experiences with love, heartbreak and growing up, casting a more introspective light compared to his previous EP, What About Now. Laced with vivid lyricism and ear worm melodies, the musicians conjures a variety of emotions across the release, brought to life by his distinctive textural tone. The release continues the musicians boundless approach to creating, fusing together sonic threads of hip-hop and pop within engaging and captivating soundscapes.

The 22-year-old musician earned a legion of fans with his 2020 single For A Minute. The breezy track found its audience on TikTok and streaming services, the track catapulted the musician to a new level of recognition, which was ultimately realised with a sold-out show in his childhood hometown of Berlin. Bringing zesty energy to his live show, Wiz shared with MILKY he hopes to tour Australia in the near future, saying fans on social media are always getting in touch in a bid to get the musician down under.

Where Silence Feels Good Deluxe is out now!


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