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Fool is out now!

Last week, Wollongong rockers Satin Cali dropped their latest in a string of killer singles, Fool. To celebrate the release and their forthcoming tour, the four-piece have shared with MILKY what they're most looking forward to about touring!

Speaking of the track, the band share: “Fool is a failed love story, taking inspiration from the perspective of letting someone go, only to realise later that they may have been perfect for you all along, and living with the regret of letting that person go and watching them move on without you. Constantly questioning what could have been and the what if’s of everything in between, while reminding yourself how foolish you can be. We decided to accompany these lyrics to a more upbeat, happy-ish instrumental piece we had been working on, to counteract and balance the song out a bit and hopefully give a different perspective to the “broken heart” stereotypical tune we all have heard before.”

The band are currently in the midst of a mammoth national tour, fronting their own headline tour as well as supporting The Terrys on their TerrySonic Mixtape tour! Having begun last week in Byron Bay, the run of shows will pick up again next month with a headline show at Vic On The Park in Sydney on January 8, before continuing on to Canberra, Wagga Wagga, Wombarra, Shellharbour, Melbourne, Brisbane, Burleigh, Adelaide, Perth and Margaret River, before wrapping up with a set at Yours & Owls Festival in Wollongong on April 3.

Check out what Satin Cali are most looking forward to on their tour below!


Just hitting the road with all the fellas and The Tezzas, sharing this solid experience together. Being able to have the opportunity to travel interstate is not only something I’ve always wanted to do but feels so out of this world considering the state the world has been in the last two years! So yeah, hitting the road with everyone and seeing Australia!


Plugging in and playing shows again to crowds that aren’t sitting down! It’s been a hot minute since we’ve been able to play shows and considering these will be my first shows with Satin Cali, it makes it all the sweeter! Plus, to be able to play shows in most of the big cities of Aus is epic too and a nice bonus haha!


To be honest, I am most keen to sample the different palmys Aus has to offer! I’m a big, BIG fan of a chicken palmy like the majority of the country, so to be able to find out which state does it best will be interesting! I spoke to the lads and we are going to go live in each state and rate them for you all - so stay tuned and we will provide regular updates for sure!


Similar to Isaac’s answer, but just travelling and meeting as many rad people we can and seeing how each state differs. What type of music scene they have, accents and obviously chicken palmys haha. I’m also keen to see what the nightlife is like out there and just enjoy it to the fullest!


Surfing, Skating, Rollerblading! You name it we are keen to do it! Keen to see what new music we come up with out of this experience and just make it as epic of an adventure as possible. Also, do our best to support The Tezzas as best we can. We hope to make it as enjoyable as possible and live life to the fullest, the way it’s meant to be! Thanks, MILKY!

Fool is out now!


Friday 10th December - The Northern, Byron Bay, NSW *

Saturday 8th January - Vic On The Park - Sydney, NSW

Thursday 20th January - UC Hub - Canberra, ACT*

Friday 21st January - Red Steer Hotel - Wagga Wagga, NSW*

Saturday 22nd January - Wombarra Bowlo - Wombarra, NSW*

Saturday 29th January - Full Time Festival - Shellharbour, NSW

Friday 4th February - The Espy - Melbourne, VIC*

Saturday 5th February - Hotel Westwood - Melbourne, VIC*

Friday 11th February - Thirsty Chiefs - Brisbane, QLD

Saturday 12th February - Burleigh Bazaar - Burleigh, QLD

Thursday 24th February - Jive Bar - Adelaide, SA*

Friday 25th February - The Milk Bar - Perth, WA*

Saturday 26th February - Settlers Tavern - Margaret River, WA*

Saturday 5th March - Wombarra Bowlo - Wombarra, NSW

Sunday 3rd April - Yours & Owls Festival - Wollongong, NSW

*supporting The Terrys


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