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Check out our full interview with the band and get to know The Terrys!

Image: Vasili Papathanasopoulos ©

Based on the South Coast of NSW, The Terrys started making music together when singer, Jacob Finch, and lead guitarist, Lukas Anderson, were living in Jindabyne. The pair wrote a song together before moving back to the south coast with Ben Salvo moving into the same property. The three musicians soon began jamming together which caught the attention of their neighbour, DOS ENOS vocalist and drummer, Joey Winkler. Winkler offered the trio advice as well as recording drums for Video Games.

Salvos remembers the moment he knew the band had potential, recalling on only a year earlier when Anderson taught him how to play guitar. “Jamming with Louie (Lukas Anderson) right here for the first time really set the stage for what was to come with our music” Salvos said. The band name is inspired by their landlord, Terry, but the trio were apprehensive to tell their landlord they had settled on “The Terrys”. However, once they did, Terry was “over the moon and loved it” said Salvo.

The band just dropped their debut single Video Games, written within one day. The track began as a jam session, where they filmed the song with rough lyrics before going through the track together and refining it. Once posting the song to social media, the band were contacted by a friend who offered to record the track for them. That friend is Ben Fryer, lead guitarist of Pacific Avenue.

Of the experience, Salvo said, it was “awesome hearing our music kind of come to life from just jamming it in here . . . and then hearing it through a semi-professional atmosphere was great, it really brought it to life”. The track is open to interpretation from the listener, however Finch said the intention behind the track was to document how the current state of the world feels like a video game.

The music videos for their released tracks were both filmed and directed by the band. The trio have created all their visuals themselves, something Salvo says they find enjoyable. The videos take on a comedic tone and were both filmed during quarantine, attributing to the lo-fi nature of the clips. Finch used to produce lo-fi skate videos and wanted to bring that effect to the bands visuals. However, he hopes to bring on some filmmakers to direct and produce their next music video.

Whilst the band have a gig lined up post-isolation, they are using the time to hone in on their craft. Anderson told us they have “a few songs written out that are following the same sort of path” as video games, but the trio don’t feel confined by genre. He continued, saying writing a song is like “making breakfast”, there’s a recipe to it but that recipe changes depending on the meal. The plan is to keep releasing singles, before a potential five track EP release.

Stream Video Games now on all platforms. Check out an exclusive stripped back performance of the track above!

Images: Vasili Papathanasopoulos ©

Filming: Vasili Papathanasopoulos and Marcella Ho

Featured Song: Video Games courtesy of The Terrys


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