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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual for Drifted below!

Image: Supplied.

Music stirs up emotion no matter what the subject matter, but Happiness is Wealth (H.iS.W) have set their minds on the science behind happiness.

The multi-dimensional musical-meets-scientific project of Australian producers Professor S and Professor O, and Parisian producer Professor E, the trio have lifted our spirits with their latest offering, Drifted. The songs official visualiser offers our first glimpse at the mechanics of The Happiness Machine, the trios own device

Co-written with multi-platinum artist and award- winning producer/songwriter Hayden James, Drifted was cooked up at the trios lab in Adelaide and places James' luring vocals atop a textural groove-laden soundscape. Bringing together notes of French house and disco, mesmerising synth melodies unfurl above driving analogue drum work, together creating atmospheric sonic realm. The hopeful track spreads a message of love and positivity, and serves as the latest offering from the trios research into happiness.

“Investigation by way of single experiment 22-001 Drifted initially supports findings for increased happiness by immersion in H.iS.W audio frequency and therefore an early indicator of a neurological correlation between music listening, enjoyment and happiness." the trio share.

"As the first of our happiness experiments publicly published, we feel Drifted’s mantra ‘Everybody wants to be in love’ drops at a time when the world is in desperate need of more happiness and the initial positive findings evidenced by the technical quality of our data, inputs, and instruments, combined with strict adherence to rigorous experimental methodology supports a requirement for continuation of testing in the field of happiness.”

Laced with nostalgia and feel-good vibes, Drifted is sure to give you a hit of dopamine.


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