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The band will reunite with Orchestra Victoria for a special performance next month!

Image: Geoff Maddock.

Almost a year ago to the day, The Teskey Brothers took to the stage at an empty Hamer Hall with Orchestra Victoria. With orchestra’s scheduled classical season cancelled due to the pandemic, Arts Centre Melbourne and Orchestra Victoria management approached the band in the hopes of collaborating on a stopgap recording project.

Having been filmed and made available to watch on YouTube last year, the band are offering fans a Christmas gift this year, releasing a live album of the performance. The result is a collection of superb orchestral reworks from the bands extensive catalogue, recontextualising the songs within an altered sonic realm.

“I thought it would be a long and laborious process to translate our songs into orchestral form, but Jamie Messenger (arranger) and Nicholas Buc (conductor) were super across it,” says Brendon Love, bassist and key architect behind the band’s sound. “We had some Zoom calls with Jamie and told him what we like and don’t like, we wanted to keep it stabby and pizzicato. More fun.”

“We’d grown up listening to some live albums that have orchestras; I never expected we’d be on one, especially something as grandiose as Orchestra Victoria at Hamer Hall,” adds drummer Liam Gough. “It was absolutely terrifying; I couldn’t see the conductor, we were back-to-back holding two worlds together: I was holding the band, he was holding the orchestra. We had two, maximum three passes on each song to get it right.”

The beautiful marriage of blues and orchestral instrumentation shine throughout the recordings, with Say You’ll Do, Rain and I Get Up providing standout moments. The release also features the festive Dreaming of a Christmas With You and Highway Home For Christmas, the bands original Christmas compositions.

To celebrate the release, The Teskey Brothers will reunite with Orchestra Victoria for a special performance at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Saturday January 22. Tickets to the performance are on sale now.

Live At Hammer Hall is out now!

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