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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Experimental avant-garde rockers The Mantis Opera are making their grand return with their psych-tinged track, Get Along. The release serves as the first taste of the bands forthcoming EP, Broken Glass, due out next month.

The London based quartet bring a cacophony of jagged guitars to the track, set atop a mesmerising synth pop soundscape made complete with glitchy polyrhythms. Conceptually exploring ideas of conflict and how we can attack one another in the heat of the moment, the song also serves as a comment on the toxicity of social media, highlighting the political and social frictions that plague platforms. Building to a commanding chorus, the band deliver a memorable hook, with captivating vocals laced throughout the song.

Speaking of the release, the band share: “I guess off the top of my head, this song is about conflict. More specifically, the kind you get online on twitter etc. How we vilify the "other" like they're some malevolent cog. It could be your neighbour but they may as well live on another planet. I've been recently thinking about how we leave no space for forgiveness anymore, and it's poisoning the well. It makes us mean and callous, makes our circle of empathy grow smaller and smaller…”

The Mantis Opera began as the solo project of Allister Kellaway. before arriving as a fully-fledged band in 2014. After performing around London, Brighton and Bristol the four=piece self-released their EP Four Movements. In 2019, the band returned with their single single Eden, released as part of a split single cassette with BOSS on Full Power Records. Itching to return to the stage, the band will be performing at the critically acclaimed Archtangent Festival this August.

Get Along is out now!


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