Image: Alden Bonecutter

Denver-based frontman and composer Jeff Cormack has shared shared his debut record under his musical project, South Of France. Remember That Cool Thing We Did comes years of toil, detours and dedication to the craft. The record is the first full-length release from the artist since his 2021 independently released debut album, Another Boring Sunrise.

Set a top an indie rock soundscape, Cormack wrote, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered all of the tracks, with the exception of hiring Nate Barnes to lay down some of the drums. Hypergamy, Where's The Door and Don't Preach were written and recorded with the musicians old tape machine during the first few weeks of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The record fuses together threads of hazy indie-pop with alt-rock, with Cormack's vocals mesmerising listeners for the duration of the album. There's sprinkles of catchy retro guitar riffs, lo-fi vocals and dreamy harmonies laced throughout the album, which explores embodies the multi-faceted paths of life. Remember That Cool Thing We Did takes its inspiration from our own trips down memory lane, with 14 upbeat tracks complete with nostalgic soundscapes and catchy hooks that embody the carefree swagger of all the cool things we did.

With nine years between albums, Cormack shares: “I’m an album guy, I’m old school that way. I’m obsessed with long 90s albums with secret tracks. I love when it feels like you’re peeling back layers and layers as you listen to something from front to back, like you’re getting deeper into someone’s brain.”

Having toured with the likes of The Flaming Lips and Portugal the Man, Cormack's songs have featured in shows Bojack Horseman and Shameless, with the musician recently performing a set on NPR.

Remember That Cool Thing We Did is out now!