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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Kane Hibberd

Melbourne band Slowly Slowly have shared their new tune Melbourne to all streaming platforms today after the track premiered as part of triple j's "Quarantune" series. The song was met with praise from fans and is our new lockdown anthem.

Frontman Ben Stewart was hand picked by the team at triple j to commemorate Melbourne’s current lockdown laws, highlighting the uneasy feelings currently shadowing the Aussie city. Melbourne expertly exhibits Stewarts knack for lush and relatable lyricism. The release is also accompanied by a DIY clip that Stewart created with the song in just 24 hours.

“Since I accepted this mission I’ve been marinating on all things Melbourne. I miss all of it, warts and all, so it’ll be nice to have something that encapsulates that weird see-saw of missing gigs and also missing walking around without a mask," Ben told Hobba & Hing of rising to the challenge.

The challenge involved taking listener requests on what to include in the song and turn it around in just 24 hours. Melbourne is full of nuances citizens miss most about the city: benders at Rev's, the pole at The Corner, cannoli from Brunetti's, overpriced coffee, Punt Road traffic and so much more!

Melbourne is out now! Listen to the track below.


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