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Image: Supplied.

Meanjin/Brisbane producer Sampology has enlisted Australian songwriter James Chatburn on Reassemble. The release comes alongside the announcement of the producers new album Regrowth, due out this September.

Speaking of the track, the producer shares: "I distinctly recall walking the streets of Kreuzberg after the session with James Chatburn. I had brought him an instrumental I had been working on and he brought so much life and strong melodic value to the song. That melody was rolling through my head walking the streets and I could not escape the desire for it to evolve into a lush, classic, orchestral Disney-styled emotional creature. That cemented my plan to put together string groups and woodwind when I got back to Australia for Reassemble and some of the other album tracks."

"Sam and I met in Berlin after he came here for a gig, we basically made a rough sketch of what turned into this song. Over the next couple of months every time we would chat he would have added this crazy shit to the arrangement. I was just there for day 1 but I love what Sam turned the song into" Chatburn adds.

Reassemble is out now! Watch the visual below.

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