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New Zealand born now Aussie local rapper Saint Lane brings his emotional and raw words to light, dropping his debut EP If I leave You In The Fire. In what promises to be a tracklist of songs you'll play on repeat, the artist harnesses his emotion into creativity.

Saint Lane aka Lane Muir says of the EP, "If I Leave You In The Fire is a story of loss, grief and moving forward. In 2019 my father died completely unexpectedly from acute pancreatitis with no previous health issues. I had less than an hour to make a decision for my dad to have a surgery to save his life, however he died during the surgery and I immediately felt a feeling beyond guilt. I felt solely responsible for the death of my dad and watching my family mourn, I believed I was to blame for our loss. The EP covers the stories and emotions of the most difficult time of my life."

The collection of songs features the previously released tracks, When Did We Grow Up?, Muir's collaboration with First Nations singer-songwriter Robbie Miller, and Lane’s latest release, Alter of the Heartless. Saint Lane has had a stellar year receiving praise from the likes of Billboard and The Needle Drop as well as triple j. If you like Childish Gambino or Pharrell Williams or John Legend or even Banks you’ll definitely love this EP.

If I Leave You In The Fire now brings two new songs The Fire and The Water to illuminate listeners. Tracks that work symbiotically to create a smooth wave you follow throughout the EP. With synth sounds in one and a gospel choir in the other, you get the best of both worlds when playing these tracks.

In what is an evocative piece of storytelling brilliance, Saint Lane brings brutal truths and realities against a backdrop of rich musicality. The EP is overall a shared experience of the trials of life in which we all can relate to.

4/5 Stars

If I leave You In The Fire is out now!


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