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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the album below!

Image: Tyrone Lebon

Global pop-star Dua Lipa has unveiled her third studio album, Radical Optimism. The album features the previously released singles Illusion, Training Season, and Houdini.

Continuing her exploration of 80's-tinged sonics, Radical Optimism is an album made to be be played on the dancefloors of your favourite clubs whilst the sweltering heat seeps into the room. Far from a departure from her previous album Future Nostalgia, which earned the singer the GRAMMY Award for Best Pop Vocal Album, the influence of 80's pop and synth-pop is embedded within the albums DNA. Bringing on Tame Impala's Kevin Parker on End Of An Era, Houdini, Training Season, Whatcha Doing, French Exit, Illusion and Happy For You, could suggest a deviation into psych-infused alt-rock. Instead, Parker follows Lipa down the path to pop stardom to create dynamic soundscapes led by hook-laded melodies.

Inspired by her experiences whilst single, Radical Optimism's lyricism mirrors the albums fun-fuelled sonic realm - as she navigates love, heartbreak and freedom. “I wrote this album during my singledom,” the singer shares. “I always came into the studio with some funny story, and they all inspired different songs. There's a looseness and an honesty that I hadn't had before.”

She adds of working with Caroline Ailin, Danny L. Harle, Tobias Jesso Jr. and Parker, “Everybody's backgrounds and ways of working all gelled so well, as friends and musically.” Lipa continues, “We were just so open with each other, and I felt like in that room, I could be vulnerable and talk freely about my experiences. The musicality of it felt so rich and exciting, and I wanted to dive in and be a part of that.”

Radical Optimism is out now!


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